All of Your RIM Questions Answered

Indemnity is protecting against financial burden or loss. By enrolling in the RIM program, you are protected against liability for most fire, smoke, or water damage and the related financial loss to the apartment buildings and/or community.
Exclusions to the RIM program coverage include gross negligence and intentional actions resulting in fire, water, or smoke damage to the apartment community. Please see the Lease Indemnification Addendum included the lease agreement for terms of the Resident Indemnity Management program.
Residents are enrolled in the RIM program when signing the Lease Indemnification Addendum that is included with the lease agreement. The $9 monthly fee for enrollment in the RIM program will be charged along with rent.
Yes, the RIM program covers all roommates and guests.

No, the Resident Indemnity Management Program is not insurance. It does not provide insurance coverage or protection for personal property, personal liability or any other claim or loss made by third parties, including by other residents.
RIM does not sell personal property coverage. Those wishing to purchase separate personal property coverage are encouraged to reach out to a licensed insurance provider such as Worth Avenue Group.
Personal property coverage can be added to a renters insurance policy. Please contact an insurance agent for any questions related to items covered in the policy. Coverage can be obtained through an insurance provider such as Worth Avenue Group.
Coverage can vary depending on the policy. We recommend consulting with an insurance agent to determine what is covered or not in any given Renters Insurance policy. Residents may submit renters insurance via to opt out of the Resident Indemnity program, but their renters insurance will need to meet the minimum requirements.

To opt out of the Resident Indemnity Management program, qualified renters insurance must be submitted via the resident’s account at Policy renewals need to be submitted before the policy on file expires to remain opted out of the RIM program. If a policy cancels, the resident will be enrolled in the RIM program until a new insurance policy is submitted via
All incidents must be reported to the leasing office. The management will then work with Resident Indemnity Management if accidental fire, water or smoke damage was caused by a resident enrolled in the RIM program.
Roommates are automatically enrolled in the RIM program when they move in. If a resident has submitted qualified renters insurance via, their new roommate either needs to be added as an insured party on their insurance or provide their own proof of qualified coverage. Either the updated policy or new roommate’s policy must be submitted via for an apartment to be opted out of the RIM program.
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